Our Brand is XO89 which stands for eXecutive Office Resources, 8 is a numeric symbol for Prosperity, and 9 is the one for Longevity. XO89 is our core product, namely FLEXIBLE-OFFICE Plan, which costs only $89 per month. We are keeping this Executive Office expense so affordable, yet so many benefits can be drawn from this XO89 Platform. We're here to stay.

Our Mission is to provide an effective platform where you can use the offices for private meetings, conference rooms and classrooms. Self-Employed people, Home-Based Businesses and Work-At-Home employees are the perfect candidates to use our Executive Office Facility.

Although we're thinking BIG, our humble Vision is to become the first World Provider of the Most Efficient and Effective Business Platform for Businesses. In Business nowadays, we either learn to adapt to a new environment or are left behind naturally. Measure your Business Performance Matrix and Take necessary Actions accordingly. Our Business Motto is:

Why Pay For Your Office Space More Than What You Need

We Are Building Our XO89 Brand
Start With Our Customers Locally
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